If you just ordered a reseller account from us and would like us to transfer accounts and restore the sites onto our server we are more than happy to do so. Thank you for your business.

Please take the following steps so we can start the transfer accounts. The following is to be done on your old WHM/cPanel host.

transfer accounts steps

1) Login to cPanel of your domain account.

2) Open the “Backup” page > “Download or Generate a Full Web Site Backup” button

3) Enter your email address and Backup Destination as “Home Directory” and click “Generate Backup”

4) Once you receive an email notification regarding the backup, you can access “File Manager” in cPanel to the “Home Directory” and you will find the backup file there.

5) Click on the backup file and change its permission to 644

6) Move the backup file to public_html/ directory

7) In this ticket, let us know the full URL to the backup files (please include all of them), then we will download it and restore it to your account. The file should be in the format of http://ip-address-of-old-host/~yourusername/backupfile.tar.gz

Thank you for choosing Pakish