Think of the web sites you usually browse  probability are they are clean, professional, & simple to navigate the website.

This is no coincidence: the human mind takes just a millisecond to build a definitive assessment as to a site’s reliability, and this initial assessment is based completely on aesthetics which means a good web design is serious for retaining visitors.

This month we share with you the best tricks & tips for website designing the most visually appealing website design.

1) Plan Your Website: Before switch on your computer, think the layout, page structure and how your website visitors will move from one page to another (navigation). Then, sketch out your website on paper.

2) Understand Your Audience: Knowing your audience will help set the tone for your website content and web site layout, as you identify what visitors of your website will be looking for on your website. It’s also important to consider trendy web browsers and your visitor’s screen resolution size so that they see your website the way you intended; you can find this data in most site analytic tools. If you’re not sure how wide to create your website, 960px is a great place to start.

3) Allow for Easy Navigation: Since people regularly read from left to right and top to bottom, the upper left-hand corner of your website is the first place your visitors will look. Place your navigation buttons here and keep them consistent, along with font & color choices, for easy reading & fluid movement from page to page.

4) Choose a Color Scheme of your website: If you’re designing your website around an image, try uploading it to a color palette tool, like DeGraeve.Com , for example, for balancing color suggestion. Make sure to remain consistent with your website design patterns & associates & stick to no more than three font types & colors.

5) Use High Quality Photos in your website: In order to give your website an another professional appearance, all images / photos should be clear, focused, and of high resolution. An alternative to taking your own photos is buying them from; at about five-dollars an image it’s an low-priced way to visually take your site to the next level.

6) Test Your Website, Then Again Test your website: When you’ve created or redesigned your website, ask family & friends to test it for you. They may find things you have missed, or point out areas of confusion.

When paired with quality content, executing these tips properly will assist keep first-time visitors of your website and change them into regulars.

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