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January 2014

Dot PK domain Search Error in WHMCS

Go to Your WHMCS Directory => Includes Folder => Download Whoisservers.php File => Open that file in Dreamweaver, notepad or any Editor you Like. => Add below lines === .pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found .com.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found .net.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found .org.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found .edu.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found .fam.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found .gov.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found [...]

November 2012

How can i change the pricing on Domain Resellers Supersite 2

To Select the Plans you want to Sell to your Customers (Anchor: select)Top Login to your Control Panel.  ( http://cp.apnadomain.net/reseller ) In the Menu, point to Settings and click Manage Products and Pricing. Click the Web Services link. By default, there is a Plan created under Email Only Plans, Windows Web [...]

October 2012

September 2012

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