What is web hosting?

If you are new to the word Website Hosting, you might discover yourself asking yourself “What Is Website Hosting?”. Possibly you have some knowledge about what hosting is but you are not too sure. Fortunately (for me!), the question “What is web hosting” is a relatively easy one to explain (I think!).

Website hosting refers to a service that makes your website or web page available to all internet users. Overall, mostly web sites are planned to be viewed by all of Internet user, at any time from any location. If you want anyone on the Internet to be able to view your website or web pag at any time, you need to make sure your website is running on a computer which is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day & 7 days aweek (24/7/365).

Hosting provider allows you to publish your webpage or website to the all user of internet, and leave the hosting tasks up to a company who (probably) dedicate yourself to in website hosting.

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