What is Domain Grace & Redemption Period?


What is the Domain Grace & Redemption Period? Whenever a particular domain name expires and is not renewed by the expiration date, it will enter the Renewal Domain Grace Period. Subsequently, during this period, all such domain names will be placed on a temporary commercial Parking Page, indicating that the domain name has expired. Consequently, any website and mail associated with the domain name will stop working during this time.

Domain Grace Period

Understanding Domain Grace & Redemption Period

The Domain Grace Period begins after 18 days after the expiration date of the domain name. Consequently, if you renew your domain name after day 18, you will have to pay the standard renewal cost along with an additional Rs. 2500 and 10% on the standard renewal cost. Additionally, you will be charged a redemption fee of either $160.00 or Rs. 27200. Therefore, refer to the table below for more details.

Conditions for Domain Name Entry into Redemption Grace Period

Once a domain name is deleted, it will typically enter the Redemption Grace Period only under the following circumstances:

  1. If the Pakish Technical Support Team manually deleted the domain name, or
  2. If our system automatically deleted the domain name because it had expired and was not renewed until the end of its Renewal Grace Period

Renewal of Domain Name for Additional Year with Another Renewal Action

If you add another renewal action, consequently, the domain name will be renewed for an additional year, even if you do not intend to renew it for more than the requested number of years.

Challenges and Processes in Domain Name Redemption

Redeeming a domain name is expensive, time-consuming, and generally requires a manual process. Consequently, the Redemption Grace Period typically begins 42 days after the domain name is deleted, during which only the current Registrar of the domain name can redeem it.

Day After
What Happens
Available Option
Day 1
Furthermore, additional expiration notifications are sent via email
Additionally, the domain can be manually renewed in your account
Day 3-6
Moreover, the domain remains on hold but becomes subject to redemption fees, causing DNS interruption
Furthermore, you can manually recover your expired domain name
Day 7-17
Subsequently, the domain is put up in the grace period
In addition, it has a cost of Rs.2500 + 10% late fee on the standard renewal cost.
Day 18-41
Consequently, the domain is put up in the redemption period.
To reinstate the domain, you must pay the standard renewal cost—along with Rs.2500 and 10% on the standard renewal cost—plus an $160.00 or Rs.27200 redemption fee (price depends on the forex rates)
Day 42
However, if there are no backorders, we list the domain name in a final closeout section
This marks the final opportunity to register the domain name before it is returned to the registry.

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