To Select the Plans you want to Sell to your Customers (Anchor: select)Top

Login to your Control Panel.  ( )

In the Menu, point to Settings and click Manage Products and Pricing.

Click the Web Services link.

By default, there is a Plan created under Email Only Plans, Windows Web Hosting and Email Plans, Linux Web Hosting and Email Plans and Website Builder Plans. Here, you may:

Create New Plans: You may add as many new Plans as you require, by clicking the Create New Plan link under each Plan category and saving it.

Stop Selling Existing Plans: Upon creating a new Plan, its status is, by default, set to Selling.

Click the Change link under Selling Status for Customers, select No New Orders and click the Save button.

This status disallows accepting new Web Services Orders for the Plan from your Customers. buy my own domain name However, existing Orders can continue to be Managed and Renewed.

Delete Existing Plans: Click the Change link under Selling Status for Customers and select Do Not Sell and click the Save button.

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