In this era some words we use in routine conversation about the website like “identify theft”, “hack” and “spam” .We want to increase sense for good security and overall more privacy. Privacy is a very serious topic and most important in domain privacy.
The simple definition of WHOIS, is a query that has the important information for user of domain name. Now, how to make it happen? A newer domain name should have the right contact information of the registrant to their registrar. Everyone can WHOIS search online to access their same record.
The purchase of a domain name makes your information available for public. Just visit WHOIS to search your domain name to find what’s out there.
My Choices:
For some peoples, Contact information is really helpful for them. For example, some people share their WHOIS information to anyone for their business. Some of us do not want this information to access with anyone and want to keep private. That is the way from where Domain Privacy starts.
Domain Privacy:
Some of our clients do not want to make their information accessible so we offer them “Domain Privacy” add-on service to make this happen.
When your registration got PAKISH Domain Privacy, the information which got listed in WHOIS will gone as Domain name is still owned by you, and someone want to make contact from your domain name’s information he has to contact the law farm. Once you enable Privacy Protection for your domain name, the Contact Details in any WHOIS Lookup query would display generic details.
Letters, couriers delivered at the Postal Address would not be accepted. This suggests, that you will not be contactable at the address displayed in your domain name WHOIS. Telephone callers would be advised to email you at the email address displayed in the WHOIS of your domain name.
Email sent to the email address listed in the WHOIS, will get a response specifying an unbranded URL, which needs to be visited by this person. Upon visiting this URL, they would be able to mention their query in a secure form, while specifying the type of Contact (Registrant, Administrative, Technical, Billing) they wish to email. The contents of the submitted form will then be emailed to the selected Contact’s (Registrant, Administrative, Technical or Billing) email address, as specified in your Control Panel.
Therefore, you are assured of still being contactable, even though your Contact Details are not visible in the WHOIS of your domain name.