In the hosting plan, “cloud” has been taken around a significant value these previous couple of years. It’s been commended as the future, and it’s been gathering to embarrassment.

What Perfectly Is Cloud?

Technical language, “cloud” is a catch-all term that defines the dynamic serving of data (generally a website, but also think service like Goggle Apps) – which is actually hosted on several devices – by utilization of a number of structure options. Sounds complex, but basically it boils down to a faster and more effectual experience for the end user due to massively eliminating the opportunity of hardware (or other) failure.

What Definitely Makes Pakish’s Cloud Product Special?

With or without different components, there are four things that we feel separates our cloud product from other people:

Reliability – As mentioned above, the very nature of Cloud contains your data being stored on several devices; as such your data remains available, and the up time of your site is maximized. This is due to the smart back end, which is able to immediately serve your website from a substitute location should any matter arise with the current server. In other words, your visitors will never even know there was any issue.

Speed – The similar back end which delivers our excellent degree of reliability is also partly liable for the furious speeds we are able to attain with our cloud hosting, largely due to our use of state-of-the-art SSD storage. Solid State Drives are hard drives that literally have no moving parts within them. No moving parts equal much faster and more reliable performance.

Capability – One of the shortcomings of outdated hosting platforms is the incapability to absorb large Increases in traffic to your website. Basically the server would become burdened and the result would be that error pages are displayed rather than your website (definitely not something you want your rising audience to practice when trying to view your site). We have addressed this issue by consenting for the rapid scaling of up to 8CPU cores and 32GB of RAM; no downtime, reboots, or data migrations required. This is 4x the computer power available of another leading provider.

Ease of Management – None of the above means whatever without you are able to relate and control these features in an intuitive and meaningful way. Our newly-planned cloud dashboard is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has historically been subject to dealing with less-than-ideal administration panels or dashboards. Want to know how fast is your site loading? Or which pages are the most popular? How about your up time, and even universal reach? All of these metrics (and many more!) are literally right at your fingertips.