Nameserver Upgrade Announcement - US Cluster

 Sep 25th

In order to further improve performance and reliability of our nameserver clusters an upgrade and relocation is required on all nodes. If you have custom branded nameservers setup this does mean you will need to manually change the IP addresses at your domain name registrar. If you're using our ns* nameservers on your domain you won't ... Read More »

What's New

 Dec 17th

Sounds Good! New Budget cPanel Plans lounch today. Starting from as low as as Rs.995/year with free domain.        Order page link. Hassle Free Wordpress Managed Hosting lounch today.        Click or tab on for more information and ... Read More »

Pakish ONE Portal : Single Sign-On for cPanel, WebMail & Domain Managment

 Dec 1st

Next up is Pakish ONE Portal Single Sign-On, making it possible for Single Sign-On for  cPanel, WebMail & Domain Managment to authenticate users into a Pakish ONE Portal automatically, without the user having to login. For cPanel , we've taken this a step further and via another new feature Application Links, coupled with the upcoming cPanel ... Read More »

Hosting & Domain Promos - September 2015| .Com Rs.895 | .Net 549 | .Biz Rs.395

 Sep 14th

    Having trouble reading this mail? View as a Webpage   Website Announcements Blog Contact us July and August was a month of great discounts, with promotions running on some of the biggest TLDs that include .COM and a lot more. Hold your breath, because this September gets even ... Read More »

Discount Coupon Code for Business Class Linux/Windows, Buget Reseller and Super Reseller plans

 Mar 19th

We're currently running a very special promotion on Business Class Linux/Windows, Buget Reseller and Super Reseller plans. Order any account today to receive 50% discount! To take advantage of this very special promotion, please use the promo code 50promo. Your account will be setup instantly. Package Features 50% Discount on your 1st invoice ... Read More »

SSH Temporarily Disabled

 Feb 19th

A new Linux exploit has been found on many hosting providers servers. The exploit allows a malicious user to download SSH keys, /etc/shadow (encrypted password file), gain root access to the server and automatically sends spam.All of our servers have been inspected and are not infected, however the entry point for this exploit has not yet been ... Read More »

Happy to Announce Existing Clients Promo Extend for 5 days more

 Feb 1st

As with most hosting companies we're always running promotions to bring new customers on-board however this often means existing customers often get ignored or miss out when it comes to promotions. At Pakish Hosting we often run promotions and rewards for existing clients too.   Between 1st of Feb 9:00 AM PST to 5th of Feb 2013  we will add an ... Read More »

Now accepting Paypal & Payza (AlertPay) as Online Payment Methods!

 Apr 25th

Due to popular demand we are now accepting Paypal & Payza (AlertPay) as an instant online payment method on all shared web hosting, reseller web hosting accounts, VPS , Dedicated servers packages and , Domain Reseller accounts. To purchase an account using Paypal or Payza (AlertPay)   follow the instructions below: First select a product ... Read More »

SpamExperts Clustered Anti-Spam Solution Launched!

 Mar 31st

Islamabad, Pakistan (March 31, 2011)-Pakish Hosting announced today it has deployed the SpamExperts Incoming Mail Filter to on all shared and reseller hosting accounts, automatically providing customers with enterprise-grade spam protection at no additional charge to them. The hardware-based solution offers one of the industry's most robust ... Read More »

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates for you and your valued customers!

 Jan 25th

If you are a customer of PAKISH how it possible you dont have SSL certifiate. Just when you thought our sharedbusiness hosting, SEO hosting or reseller hosting plans couldn't get any more feature packed, we've gone and given you even more to offer your clients. All of our business shared, seo & reseller packages now come with free unlimited ... Read More »